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Lindertech Training Event Saskatoon 

March 20 - March 24, 2018
2802 Cleveland Ave. Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 0E7 

Spring 2018 five day Lindertech training event Saskatoon  

Presented by Cochrane Automotive; Training line 416-236-1763 

Location: 2802 Cleveland Ave. Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 0E7 

Lindertech is recognized as an industry leader in high quality advanced Business and Technical Training that technicians need to run their business and repair today’s complex vehicles.  

Tues/Weds. March 20 & 21 2018  

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm  

Instructor: Donny Seyfer, The 9 Circles of Success 

Part 1 Tuesday: Understanding how LEAN can help you work smarter not harder 

To combat tighter margins and higher costs repair shops need every member of their team to be as efficient and intentional as possible. A Japanese manufacturing process called LEAN provides a common vocabulary that can be used by all members of the staff to work together to improve your shop top to bottom. LEAN encompasses an understanding of value added vs non-value added operations, The seven deadly wastes +2 (we call them the 9 Circles of Success) and how something called 5S can free up employee time to do productive work. Donny will show you not only how to analyze the major stumbling blocks in your operation but also provide tools and exercises to help you and your staff implement these new ideas.  

Part 2 Wednesday: Implementing LEAN to improve your bottom line 

Understand how friction in your machine creates inefficiency and loss of productivity. By applying lean in several break out exercises you will become an expert analyzing any situation, determining the Circle for Success to apply and create a more enjoyable and productive business. We all have Standard Operating Procedures but during this program you will learn to apply LEAN principles to your SOPs. The handout materials will allow you to return to the shop and teach these easy to understand concepts as well.  

Thursday March 22 2018 

8:00 am – 4:30 pm  

Instructor: Rick White, Getting to “YES” With Confidence 

The workshop goes through four different sections throughout the day. The first one is called connecting for cash which will teach service advisors how to genuinely connect with someone, how to reduce customer stress and increase their trust in you, and how to identify and work with a customer’s unique buying style. The second one is obstacles to opportunity which show workers how to Identify and deal with common bottlenecks in your shop robbing you of money every day, teach you the one thing you must do every day to grow your business, and show you the difference between hunting and farming and why it’s important to you. The third one is presenting for profit which show how to present positively & successfully, how to keep your customer’s stress down, and how to ask for the sale with confidence. The fourth and final one is overcoming objections, the instructor will teach the difference between a complaint and an objection and why it matters, the best time to deal with an objection, and how to address the objection to create a win-win scenario.  

Friday, March 23 2018  

8:00 am – 4:30 pm  

Instructor: Scott Shotton, Transmission Diagnosis for Non-Trans Techs (AM)  

Transmissions have been controlled by computers for a long time. As a result, transmission issues can be electrical or hydraulic/mechanical in nature. When a vehicle with a transmission issue rolls into a shop it is often “shipped” to a transmission shop. Why? A perfectly capable technician who can accurately diagnose an engine issue could tackle the transmission issue. Why lose the customer? This course outlines a logical process for attacking transmission failures. Using tools and techniques that driveability technicians already possess, we will discuss how to draw the line between an electrical problem or an internal transmission issue. Basic knowledge of automatic transmissions is a plus, but this course is geared towards non-transmission technicians. 

Fuel Trims The Key to Efficient Diagnosis (PM)  

Fuel trims are an extremely valuable tool. When coupled with a few additional pieces of data, and good technique, fuel trims can help a technician determine which diagnostic path to take very quickly. Topics covered in this class will include: Misfire, fuel system codes, low power issues and more. Time will be spent on both naturally aspirated and turbocharged applications. The goal of this class is to provide logical paths that facilitate efficient and correct diagnosis.  

Saturday March 24 2018  

8:00 am – 4:30 pm  

Instructor: Scot Manna, Gasoline Direct Injection Technology 

This class will examine the most current gasoline engine fuel system technology. Gasoline Direct Injection is the latest development in fuel delivery systems for gasoline engines and promises greater fuel economy, lower emissions and improved performance. The key components of this system will be discussed and how these components differ from current port fuel injection systems. Scan data analysis and component waveform testing with labscopes will be shown. Current production engines from GM, Ford, Hyundai and Lexus will be highlighted. Common components of the system and theory of operation will be covered first. Then each manufacturers system will be examined in more detail. Case studies of various faults will also be discussed. 







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