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News   June 3, 2021   by Christine Hogg APIs enhance customer connection

Dana Incorporated offers application programming interface options (API) within its dynamic e-commerce platform, significantly expanding the streaming and support of 24-7 real-time ordering, processing, and delivery for customers.

“Our APIs work as a translator between two systems that might not speak the same language,” said Dan Griffin, senior director, aftermarket and digital solutions for Dana.  “APIs let our customers’ developers quickly enable a productive result between two otherwise disconnected systems.”

Dana currently offers eight active APIs, including: advanced shipping notification, availability, deep linking, order status, part details, part search by application, place order, and pricing. As an example, enabling APIs can allow customers to display inventory availability from Dana’s global distribution network instantaneously, so they can provide a quote directly from their computer screen and follow up with an order confirmation, shipping details, packing slips, and tracking numbers.

“By streaming Dana inventory directly to a customer’s website, the business can buy the parts they need when they need them and sell on-order parts that haven’t made it to their shelves yet,” said Griffin. “From part images, product descriptions, and dimensional data to inventory levels, bills of material, and more, Dana APIs enable the sales process to function seamlessly and deliver enhanced productivity, all in real time.”

Customers can visit Dana’s API developer portal at to log in and test the various APIs.  To schedule a demonstration with the team, contact a Dana sales representative.


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