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News   July 30, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Civic, F-series trucks still top sellers in Canada

Honda Civic and Ford F-Series trucks are still the number-one sellers in Canada, in their respective categories, DesRosiers Automotive Consultants report.

Analysts at DesRosiers say the two vehicles have consistently come out on top in terms of overall sales volume among passenger cars and light trucks in Canada – and the unusual summer selling season did nothing to change that.

“Both models noted significant sales declines but still outperformed their markets with Civic sales down 49.7% in Q2 and 43.8% in the first half, alongside F-Series sales which were down 37.6% in Q2 and 24.6% in the first half,” a company release notes.

The Toyota Corolla occupied second position for both the first half and second quarter on a national level. The Volkswagen Golf gave a strong showing with relatively mild sales declines (-28.8% Q2, -19.4% 1H), claiming fourth position among passenger cars for both the second quarter and first half.

The Chevrolet Spark, with only a 28.0% decrease in Q2, rose up to eighth position for the quarter.

Among light trucks, Ram pickups was the runner-up and the GMC Sierra had a strong showing with fairly low sales decreases (-19.0% Q2, -9.2% 1H) helping solidify the model’s hold on third position.

Some regional variation was present in the second quarter. In Quebec, the Toyota RAV4 claimed the second place sales position among light trucks, pushing through the other pickup competitors.

In Nova Scotia, the Honda CR-V did the same. Although a low volume region, the Ram Pickup beat out the F-Series in Prince Edward Island. While most provinces saw the passenger car pecking order fall in line—Civic-Corolla-Elantra—Alberta saw the Volkswagen Golf claim third position for the second quarter, with sales down just 14.2%.

In Saskatchewan, the Hyundai Elantra broke rank and claimed second position among passenger cars.

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  1. George Kean says:

    I have never or had the desire to own a Honda. I have owned a few Ford pick ups and they were all rust buckets .I fail to see why either of them would be number one sellers. Just my opinion.

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