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News   November 18, 2019   by Allan Janssen

Centric Parts wins product award for rotors

Centric Parts wins Best New Product Line Award for GCX Application-Specific Rotor Line (left to right) James La, Centric Parts Director of Product Management, Ken Selinger, Centric Parts VP of Product Management, and John Treece, Chairman of Import Vehicle Community Executive Leadership Council.

Centric Parts, a division of APC Automotive Technologies, earned the prestigious 2019 Best New Product Line award from the Import Vehicle Community for its new GCX Application-Specific Disc Brake Rotor Line.

The award was presented at the 2019 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) Show in Las Vegas.

Engineered to restore OE performance and deliver long-lasting corrosion resistance, Centric GCX Premium Coated Rotors are the industry’s first and only “application-specific” rotors, so there’s no more guessing which rotor is best for the job. Centric has the one perfect, application-specific replacement for each vehicle matching the OEM rotor metallurgy that came on the vehicle, as well as matching the RS200 coating pattern to the OEM friction material. GCX is fully coated for OE semi-metallic pads and partially coated for OE Ceramic pads.

The Import Vehicle Community’s Import Product and Marketing Awards consist of 10 categories and recognize innovative products and marketing programs designed to serve the import aftermarket.

In accepting the award, Ken Selinger, vice president of product management for Centric, noted, “We’re extremely delighted to receive this award because it recognizes Centric Parts’ industry-leading efforts to positively and tangibly elevate the heavily commoditized rotor product category to true ‘value-added’ status. Our GCX Application-Specific Rotors are a home run for all of our distribution channels. GCX definitively solves key brake service issues for professional technicians, while concurrently driving higher levels of operational efficiency and profit for our warehouse distributor partners with an over 70% reduction in SKUs.”

Jayme Farina, APC vice president of sales, said, “Our new GCX Application-Specific rotor line is perhaps the most electrifying product I have sold in my career. It is a clear solution to any confusion in the rotor market space. The new GCX Application-Specific rotor line is both well designed and an efficient rotor solution. The fact that our product and engineering team was able to analyze this highly competitive category and then deliver innovation on so many fronts is exciting! Centric Parts’ focus on the key performance benefits that reward both technicians and distributors is groundbreaking for the rotor category.”

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