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News   February 28, 2022   by Adam Malik

Catalys makes another acquisition

A Canadian lubricant distributor has made its third acquisition in six months.

Catalys Lubricants announced the acquisition of Nemco Lubricants & Chemicals last week. Nemco is a Winnipeg-based manufacturer of lubricants and automotive fluids.

The move, Catalys said in an announcement, completes the company’s coast-to-coast distribution and manufacturing network. It also solidified its position in Western Canada by providing customers with robust distribution and manufacturing capabilities.

The acquisition brings Cataly up to production and packaging locations and 15 warehouses, along with resellers across Canada. With a complete supply chain set up in the Prairies, it now has a manufacturing plant for lubricants, antifreeze, windshield washer and auxiliary products to help the company fulfill current and future orders for customers across the country.

“The acquisition of Nemco enables Catalys to fulfill our vision of creating a national distribution network,” said Jean-François Crevier, president of Catalys. “With a presence in all ten provinces, we’re better equipped to exceed our customers’ needs and provide them with quality products, local expertise and superior customer service. Today’s announcement is the culmination of several acquisitions made by Catalys in the past decade to establish ourselves as a leader in lubricant distribution. This signals the start of an exciting new chapter, and we look forward to engaging our entire network to service the customers and the communities that welcome us.”


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