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Feature   April 1, 2002   by CARS Magazine

Shot past a short

Editor: Robert Sterbenc of Golden B.C. relates an incredible tale of a simple short circuit with a very unusual cause:

Dear SSGM:

This intriguing event happened at a Petro-Canada service station in the town of Golden, B.C. A local resident had trouble with his interior car light. After checking the door switches, he took the car to the local Petro-Canada mechanic. After a lengthy search for the cause of the failure, the mechanic found a cause beyond his wildest dreams: A bullet was lodged in the wiring of the 1994 Ford Tempo GL, shorting out the interior light. A closer look at the bullet indicated that it was aimed at the car but bounced off the pavement and pierced the tin barrier that protects the wiring under the rocker panel. The bullet was lodged among seven wires. “Pretty phenomenal” observed the technician, who observed that he had seen nothing like it in his thirty years in the business. It’s anyone’s guess how the bullet got there and from where the bullet was fired. The owner has no idea the bullet was in the car at all, and remembers hearing no gunshots toward his car. It will be a mystery forever. It’s not every day that a mechanic finds a bullet in someone’s car, especially lodged in a car’s wiring.

Robert Sterbenc, Golden, B.C.

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