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Feature   October 10, 2012   by CARS Magazine

LinderTech set for Oct. 18-21

"Milestone event" to take place in Toronto with speakers John Thornton, Dave Scaler, and Mark Lemay.

John Cochrane, of Cochrane Automotive in Toronto, Ont., is once again presenting Lindertech Technical Training.

The event, Oct. 18-21, takes place at Cochrane’s own training centre at 73 Chauncey Avenue in Etobicoke, as well as at the Days Hotel & Conference Centre at 240 Belfield Road.

Featured speakers include John Thornton, Mark Lemay and Dave Scaler.

The event kicks off Oct. 18 with a late training session and dinner with Mark Lemay, discussing Secure Data Release Immobilizer, complete with application for SDRI VSP.

Cochrane describes this a milestone event for the Canadian automotive aftermarket in the wake of the CASIS agreement (Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard). Lemay will cover security access on five makes: Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota. In addition he will provide information on the CASIS agreement and the Vehicle Security Specialist (VSP) program. Participants will learn how to register to become a VSP and how to access security code data from the different manufacturers. Upon completion of this class they will have the confidence to deal with any security problem in their own shops.

Space is limited for the special training day with John Thornton on Oct. 19.

Thornton will be focusing on how to use Honda and Toyota scan tools, including programming and immobilizer technology.

This class will discuss many of the features of the powerful PC-based Honda scan tool, focusing on the latest 3G HDS software application that was released in July 2011.

Some of the topics to be discussed include:

* what it takes to acquire the hardware (MVCI) and the software (3G HDS)

* data pid navigation

* graphing scan data pids

* taking, saving and playing back data recordings

* automated tests such as the EVAP Function Test and the VTEC Test

* SRS Seat Weight Sensor (SWS) and Occupant Position Detection Unit

and Sensor

* (OPDS) calibrations

* Immobilizer functions

* PCM flashing

A detailed handout will be provided.

Thornton will also give a detailed look at the Toyota Techstream PC-based factory scan tool. Until recently, this powerful factory tool cost about $8000. Toyota has released this tool in a J2534 format at a much more affordable price.

The J2534 Techstream supports 1996 model year to current vehicles. It is used for most Toyota diagnostic functions including module programming.

This live-car class will demonstrate most of the commonly used functions of the Techstream.

Topics to be discussed and performed on a late model Toyota include the following:

* purchase and setup

* health check

* CAN bus check

* enhanced monitor results

* selecting and graphing data pids

* active test (bidirectional capabilities)

* saving, storing and retrieving scan data recordings

* Utility (EVAP testing, Immobilizer functions, Check Mode)

* module programming

* software updating and more!

The price of the Friday sessions includes lunch and two coffee breaks.

Dave Scaler takes the reins on Saturday, with two sessions.

The morning session, Updated! Down & Dirty TPMS Diagnosis, includes complete coverage of the latest tire pressure monitor system tools on the market. The afternoon is dedicated to Electronic Vehicle Stability Controls (ESC) on import and domestic vehicles, including anti-slip, anti-slide, anti-spin, anti-skid technology.

John Thornton closes the event on Sunday with a session entitled “Capture Your Piece of the VWAudi Repair Market.” It focuses on using Ross-Tech Vag-Com Diagnostic System (VCDS) and will discuss numerous functions that can be performed on a VWAudi, including:

* coding modules & login (PCM, ABS & Airbag Controllers)

* using basic settings to run monitors and perform functional tests

* throttle body adaption

* xenon headlamp aiming

* electronic parking brake

* VC scope (graphing data pids)

* logging data.


To register, or for more information phone the Cochrane Automotive Training Line at (416) 236-1763, or toll-free at (866) 970-7720.

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