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Feature   July 1, 2001   by Rich Diegle

Geo Tracker TCC Problems

Good afternoon, I'm Mike Mallory and welcome to Tech Talk. It's the radio talk show that lets vehicle owners pose their difficult vehicle repair questions to special guest automotive technicians. Toda...

Good afternoon, I’m Mike Mallory and welcome to Tech Talk. It’s the radio talk show that lets vehicle owners pose their difficult vehicle repair questions to special guest automotive technicians. Today, let’s welcome our special guest technician from Al’s A-Plus Auto Repair, Alan Spanner.”

“Thanks Mike, it’s great to be here. I have really been looking forward to doing today’s show.”

“Well, I’m sure you have Alan. How about telling us a little about Al’s A Plus Auto Repair?”

“I’ve been in business for 15 years and have four very talented technicians working with me. We use the ALLDATA automotive information system in the shop and it really helps us repair and service a wide range of vehicles. In fact, I brought my laptop computer with me and I can easily access ALLDATA through the Internet. I thought it would be a great resource to help answer questions today.”

“Great Alan. Let’s take today’s first call. It’s Pete who owns a 1994 Geo Tracker that has a driving problem. Hello Pete. You’re on the air. Could you describe the symptoms you’re experiencing to Alan?”

“Sure, thanks Mike. Hi Alan.”

“Hi Pete. So what seems to be the problem?”

“Well, my 1994 Geo Tracker starts bucking and jerking when the engines at normal operating temperature, the automatic transmission is in 3rd gear, at approximately 40-45 mph on a level road or a slight grade. But mostly it occurs when I’m driving uphill. The engine speed is approximately 2500-2700 rpm with the throttle opening at approximately 10 – 50 percent.”

“Okay Pete. That’s a great detailed description. Let me check my ALLDATA to see if there is a factory technical service bulletin addressing that problem. Here’s one that matches what you’re describing exactly. The vehicles affected are 1989-1995 Geo Tracker using the Hydra-matic 3L30 automatic transmission. The bulletin states that under the conditions you described, the rapid, repeated application and release of the torque converter clutch (TCC) may cause the bucking or jerking sensation. This concern is due to Governor Pressure Switch instability when the vehicle speed is constant and the torque converter clutch is applied.”

“So, what’s the fix Alan?”

“Well Pete, the bulletin goes on to say that the correction is to install a “Time Delay Module Kit”, Geo part number 96041311, into the torque converter clutch (TCC) relay circuit and here’s the procedure…

First, disconnect the battery. (Figure 1)

Second, disconnect the green connector from the TCC relay. (Figure 2)

Third, disconnect the white wire from the green connector. Remove the terminal carefully with a narrow screwdriver. (Figure 2)

Fourth, connect the white wire to the Time Delay Module and wrap it with electrical tape. Install the red wire from the Time Delay Module into the open terminal of the green TCC relay connector. (Figure 3)

Fifth, reconnect the green connector to the TCC relay and install the TCC relay onto the relay center.

And lastly, clip the Time Delay Module onto the A/C fan relay.

There’s a special note at the end that says if the vehicle is not equipped with air conditioning, install the rubber connector from the kit onto the fuse box tab and then clip the Time Delay Module onto the rubber connector. That should take care of your problem.”

“Thanks so much for your help Alan and thanks for hosting a such great show Mike.”

“You’re welcome Pete. Well, that’s all the time we have this afternoon. Join us tomorrow when we’ll have Lefty Parsons, the one-armed automotive diagnostic expert, here to answer your difficult vehicle repair questions. Until then, this is Mike Mallory saying, good day and happy motoring.”

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