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Feature   August 1, 2005   by CARS Magazine

Chris Kennedy, Mister Transmission, Moncton, New Brunswick

First year business co-owner Chris Kennedy is bullish on business in fast growing Moncton

Chris Kennedy’s Moncton, New Brunswick Mister Transmission operation is growing strongly in a region not normally associated with robust economics. “It’s booming”, declares Kennedy, adding, “we are probably number three in Canada for growth. What’s causing the boom? Moncton is a unique town. It has restructured itself and moved into the information age. There used to be a lot of heavy industry here and that was the major focus, but now, it’s technology. A lot of ‘hi-tech’ companies have also chosen to move their head offices here. We also have a strong bilingual workforce which is why companies are moving here.”

With Alberta’s “oil patch” and central Canada also enjoying strong growth, are Moncton consumers different from the rest of the Maritime population? “No, I’d say they are about the same. In cities, urban life is the same as anywhere in the Maritimes. However, if you go to rural communities, the economy is poorer and so the customers are different.”

Chris likes running the Main Street Mr. Transmission location, which he co-owns with Gene Lewis. “The best thing is having the financial freedom. Having a focused plan where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that there is a retirement for you. Running your own business also gives you more security. I was becoming a bit discouraged as a technician on the floor working for car dealers. But the Mr. Transmission franchise is great both from a technician point of view as well as an owner.”

And what does Chris Kennedy find difficult about being owner/manager?

“The toughest thing about running your business is how to manage people in general — from the customers to your co-workers to your partners. But I think the in-house stuff is more difficult that dealing with the outside customers just to make sure that everything is running the way you want it to run.”

A common thread running through all successful businesses interviewed by SSGM is a strong customer service ethic and this business is no exception: “Definitely. We bend over backwards for our customers. We provide them with rentals with no charge and all kinds of other stuff.”

Kennedy also believes that pricing should be a secondary consideration in operating a successful aftermarket service business. “I think they demand what they deserve”, he declares, adding, “price is always secondary; quality and warranty are usually number one. There are always customers where price will be the big determining factor and if that’s the case, then to be quite frank, they are not in the right store. We deliver outstanding service and we deliver outstanding warranty and excellent quality. We exceed what the dealer can do.”

Does it work? Says Kennedy, “in sales, we will do about $450,000 in sales this year. This is our first year of operation in Moncton and we expect sales to double by next year. This is a very profitable business, with not a lot of headaches. We can barely keep up with business.”

And the future of the business and industry as a whole? Chris Kennedy thinks that it’s both geopolitical and technological. “I think the future of this industry totally relies on what happens in Iraq. I feel this industry needs to move away from the dependence on oil. My prediction for the foreseeable future is we’ve got about 7 to 8 more years to make money. After that, it’s a strong unknown — depending on the fuel source and the type of power train.”

About Chris Kennedy

Age: 30

Married, Wife Kim, Son Daniel

Years in Trade: 13

Years in Business: 1

About Mister Transmission Moncton

Location: 1741 Main St. Moncton, New Brunswick 6-bay transmission/driveline operation

Affiliation: Mister Transmission

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  1. Ms Joan Gay says:

    Hi Chris, Kim and Daniel. I am glad that I found you and hope all is well. Congrats on your Mr Transmission Ownership!
    I would love to keep in touch with Kim and of course the family. I really enjoyed working with you at Dr Bessay’s . Who is still working in a larger renovated office. I am on Facebook. If you wish to keep in touch please contact me by text 905 649-0190 or email. Thinking of you Joan Gay Ontario

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