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Feature   December 1, 2001   by CARS Magazine

AIA Promotes CARS IDL to Jobbers

The Automotive Industries Association (AIA) is working with CARS to make training, through interactive distance learning technology, more accessible to the aftermarket.AIA invited CARS to make a prese...

The Automotive Industries Association (AIA) is working with CARS to make training, through interactive distance learning technology, more accessible to the aftermarket.

AIA invited CARS to make a presentation to their Education and Training Committee and explain how IDL training technology works and the benefits it offers. The committee agreed that this technology would be an excellent way to make training more accessible and more affordable to the jobber community. It was decided that the best way to promote IDL training would be to contact AIA field representatives and provide them with a package of information that they could share with their clients.

CARS put together a kit including an overview of IDL, costs, a promotional flyer, course descriptions, a sample schedule, a sample student guide and a video. The video provides the field rep with a useful presentation tool to describe how IDL technology works and to provide a demonstration of a “Tax Planning” course module.

AIA has now supplied each field representative with kits that each of them can share and present to at least ten jobber stores. Once the rep has contacted the jobber and has had a chance to provide an overview of the materials, feedback is provided to AIA and CARS on the jobber’s response.

Accessing affordable and worthwhile training is always a challenge, especially for jobbers. CARS developed the IDL program to offer industry a reliable and effective method of bringing training directly to the workplace. Because CARS training is broadcast in 2-hour segments on a daily basis, participants can still put in a day’s work while upgrading their skills. Over 400 sites across Canada have signed on to receive the programming, which is offered in both English and French. The training programs offered have been designed for all personnel within the automotive shop, including technicians, counter staff, service managers and the owner/operator.

Deborah Moynes-Keshen, AIA Manager of Training & Technology, believes IDL technology will strengthen those businesses that sign-on, “Our Training and Education Committee members really saw IDL as an opportunity to offer cost-effective training to the jobber community. Involving our field representatives to go out and speak to jobbers will help to increase the awareness of the program, and will provide an opportunity to show how CARS IDL can strengthen their relationship with installers.”

Industry employers recognize that strong combinations of technical and non-technical skills are key to the long-term success of a business. Promotion of CARS IDL to jobbers will help to increase awareness and understanding of the IDL training available and the ease to which it can be accessed.

CARS IDL offers the following benefits to jobbers:

Reduces training costs by significantly reducing lost productivity and travel costs;

Provides convenient access to both technical skills as well as management and marketing skills training;

Improves installer’s quality and quantity of workmanship resulting in increased parts sales for the jobber;

Helps to strengthen relationships with customers resulting in a more profitable business; and,

Provides a way to become a one-stop shop for customers’ needs.

CARS IDL technical programs include courses on:

Antilock brakes


Air conditioning


Under car

Inspections & installations

Non-technical programs include courses on:

Customer relations

Business management

Accounting practices

Tax planning


Business and personal finance

To find out how you can access CARS IDL, please call (905) 709-1010.

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