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News   April 20, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

8 Uses And Applications Of Utility Trailers 

The utility trailer is one handy tool for personal and business use. You can attach it to your motor vehicle, and voila! You’re set to go. Its versatile design makes it ideal for transportation on various occasions. 

Trailers vary significantly depending on the size, model, and aesthetics. These factors also influence their usability. When choosing one for your use, it’s best to consider the applications and uses. Here are some of them:

1. Carrying Powered Equipment

One important use of a utility trailer is to transport equipment, including powered ones like lawnmowers and power saws. It’s a viable way to reduce the chances of accidents. 

Moreover, utility trailers can be customized to accommodate different equipment lengths. They’re ideal for people in the landscaping business who need to travel long distances. 

2. Moving Furniture

Furniture is a significant investment. As such, you’d want to take good care of such pieces when moving, ensuring they don’t get damaged while in transit.

You can easily damage your furniture if you don’t have enough space. Utility trailers can save the day as they’re spacious, making them ideal for furniture transportation. Indeed, they’re the better option when moving on a budget compared to pickups. 

While at it, you should consider weather elements to decide on the type of utility trailer you need. A closed utility trailer will be ideal for moving during the rainy season, as it can keep your furniture safe from water damage.

3. Transporting Supplies

You can use utility trailers in construction sites, as well as production and manufacturing facilities. Carrying supplies is common in such setups. Especially with large companies where the warehouses are far from the manufacturing plants, utility trailers come in handy. 

On the other hand, they can be advantageous when you’re working on home improvement projects. For one, they can significantly reduce your transport and delivery fees. Stack your supplies neatly, and you can pull them with your vehicle. Hiring one is still convenient if you don’t own a utility trailer. 

4. Hauling Livestock

A utility trailer should suffice for your livestock transport needs. Safety is a significant concern when hauling livestock. It’d be best to use a closed utility trailer for this purpose. Otherwise, your animals might jump out of an open trailer while in transit. They can get injured or knocked down by other motorists, resulting in deadly accidents.  

You can benefit from some safety precautions when transporting livestock, such as mounting a metallic crib on your trailer to prevent animals from jumping off. You can also install load and locking devices on the crib to secure them.

5. Transporting Plants

Plants have specific handling requirements. A utility trailer can be a great call if you’re transporting them. You can easily damage the plant’s leaves and stems if you transport them in a closed car. That said, open utility trailers can safely ferry them to their destination, especially tall plants.

6. Moving Trash 

A utility trailer can be perfect if you’re in the garbage-collecting business. Alternatively, you can use one to carry materials to the recycling plant.  For one, loading and unloading a utility trailer is easier than lorries and vans. Also, it’s easier to wash and, hence, suitable for transporting trash.  

7. Storing Supplies

If your business is running out of storage space, a utility trailer can be utterly helpful. You can use it to organize your documents, promotional materials, or office supplies.  Customize it with shelves, drawers, and storage units to declutter your working space. Especially if you have limited space, take advantage of a utility trailer’s storage capabilities. It’s a quick fix that can boost your productivity.

8. Advertising

The fact that utility trailers can be pulled around makes them appropriate for advertising your offerings. Apart from using them when delivering products to your clients, you can also adorn one with images and text that showcase your brand, such as your business’s logo and official colors. Of course, don’t forget to put your contact details for customers who’d want to reach you. It can be a strategic way to put your name out there. 


Trailers are inexpensive and can suit several transportation tasks. They’re also easy to maintain and need minimal repairs. Factors such as size and materials used in making them influence their usability. For instance, metallic utility trailers are ideal if you want something that can withstand wear and tear. Consider their features to make an informed decision. In addition, customize the utility trailers to suit your needs by adding other features, such as toolboxes or storage spaces. 

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