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News   April 4, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

5 Student-Friendly Cars With the Lowest Maintenance Cost

A student without a car has fewer options for traveling, shopping, and visiting their friends. Since many have driver’s licenses, they want to look into the car market. While a small minority can afford high-end models, most must choose from budget products.

There’s a common misconception that cheaper models break easily and require a lot of maintenance. Despite this, there are many reliable and low-maintenance cars students may explore. These are affordable if bought on a payment plan and will leave enough funds for other expenses.

Toyota Prius

This model range was first introduced in 1997, which led to 5 generations of this vehicle. Its newest version sells in retail shops for $28,550 – $35,250. But there are many pre-owned options that are just as reliable. Depending on the dealership you look at, prices can be as low as $5,738, but they are balanced by high mileage.

Like opting for a poor-quality write my essay for me cheap, buying a pre-owned Toyota Prius can cause more trouble in the long run. Its latest version costs only $155 in maintenance fees for the first year. However, this sum may rise to $727 by the tenth year of use. Chances are that students will use this vehicle for a long time or do only minor repairs.

In addition to low maintenance fees, Toyota Prius won’t take much out of their gas money at over 50 miles on a gallon of gas. This means that students can easily take the car to drive around town or visit their family on the weekend.

Ford Fiesta

This model is a good choice for students who don’t need a lot of car space. Its latest version builds on the affordable aspect of the lineup. Currently, it’s one of the most popular budget models in Ford’s history. Students can purchase it for as low as $2,640 or as high as $14,449, depending on the specs and the year of manufacture.

There are many car dealerships and online marketplaces where students may find this model. It’s short and narrow, making the Fiesta easy to get into tight parking spaces. It is a perfect choice for students living in big cities. The cost of maintenance is rather moderate at $552 per year.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit is another good option for students with a little more money. The producer sells this model for $15,590 to $24,490. But, there are plenty of dealerships that provide used cars for lower prices. The first car of this line came out 22 years ago. Honda made a hatchback that was affordable and compact.

The modern version of this car drives 33 miles per gallon in a city setting, making it an economical choice for students. They will have enough spare gas money to afford the best paper writing services available online. Despite its measurements, the model has enough cargo space for the most important things. 

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris line dates back to 1999 and is the company’s first venture into the subcompact market. Like its first version, it’s a hit for people with moderate budgets. The manufacturer sells Toyota Yaris from $16,790 to $19,450. Students may find cheaper options for used models on websites like Craigslist, Autotrader, and Carmax.

Like other entries on this list, the third generation of Toyota Yaris is very fuel efficient. Aside from this, the car has an iconic style and a compact size. These factors are perfect for people who spend every day commuting to work or studies. Depending on the state of the car, maintaining it may cost from $95 to $2528 a year, with an average of $292.

Chevrolet Sonic

This model is slightly more costly than other cars on this list, with prices varying from $18,195 to $22,195. Students can purchase a 4-door sedan model or a 5-door hatchback version. They won’t be able to compete in motorsports, but the car will be sufficient for daily driving. On the city streets, Chevrolet Sonic spends 1 gallon per 26 miles and 35 miles on a highway.

Even Sonic’s basic version has many features, including Bluetooth support and airbags. One may also find pre-owned cars with LED headlights and 7-inch touchscreens. This will make them the talk of the campus. On average, people spend $283 on maintaining their Chevrolet Sonic models. But, some can go as low as $95 and as high as $4507. 


Many students believe that they don’t have enough money to afford cars. These models show that they have many affordable options that won’t strain their yearly budget too much. Take the time and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the cars you are considering buying. Talk to your friends and peers with cars for advice on this matter.

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