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News   March 3, 2024   by Auto Service World Staff

4 Tips for Selling Your Used Motorcycle

While selling a used motorcycle may seem easy, it comes with multiple difficulties. Even when your bike is accurately prized, there’s a high possibility of dealing with many lowball offers, which can frustrate your sales. There’s also the risk of coming across scammers posing as legit buyers. When selling a secondhand motorbike, a buyer might want to take it for a test drive.

If you’re dealing with a stranger, they might drive off and not return or return the bike damaged. Nevertheless, applying the right tricks can help ascertain a successful, profitable sale. Discussed below are four tips for selling your used motorcycle.

1. Determine your motorcycle’s worth

Knowing your motorbike’s worth is a vital step in the selling procedure. It boosts your negotiation confidence and ascertains that you receive a fair price for your investment. Several elements influence motorcycle value, especially when selling, including:

  • Market demand: The demand for various bike types can fluctuate. Fuel-efficient options motorbikes ideal for particular terrains, and popular models may experience a rise in demand, resulting in an increase in their resale values
  • Condition of bike: Your motorbike’s current condition is key in calculating its resale value. Prospective buyers scrutinize everything from bodywork wear to the engine’s performance and more
  • Mileage: Most buyers prioritize fuel efficiency, which makes lower mileage an admirable feature
  • Upgrades and modifications: While some aftermarket modifications can boost your motorbike’s appeal, niche or excessive upgrades can limit your market reach

Determining your motorcycle’s worth makes it easier to price your investment for sale.

2. Prepare your motorcycle for sell

Preparing your motorcycle before selling is key to making your investment appealing to potential buyers, which ensures a fast and profitable sale. To get your bike ready for the market, consider:

  • Deep cleaning: Since first impressions matter a lot when it comes to selling your two-wheeler, getting it professionally deep cleaned leaves it sparkling clean
  • Removing any modifications: When purchasing a bike, most people want it to be as close to the original condition as possible, so remove any modifications you might have applied
  • Repairing damage: If your bike has any damaged parts, consider repairing or replacing them as needed

3. Collect the necessary paperwork

Since a motorcycle sale is a legal transaction, it involves some paperwork. Having these documents at hand will ensure a fast and smooth sales process. So, gather all the documents you’ll need, including:

  • Motorcycle’s title: It’s the most crucial document and shows the bike’s proof of ownership. The title contains details like your name and address plus the bike’s model, make, and year
  • MOT and service history: It shows that your motorbike has been adequately maintained, it’s in pristine condition, and the mileage is legit
  • Bill of sale: It identifies the price, everyone involved in the transaction, and other sale conditions
  • Owner’s manual: It contains crucial maintenance details and instructions that buyers may need

4. Market your motorcycle

Once your motorcycle is ready for sale and you have all the necessary documentation, start marketing it to find prospective buyers and sell quickly. You can post the bike on pages dedicated to secondhand motorcycle sales and social media. Ensure attention-grabbing images of your bike accompany your ad. If you don’t want to advertise online, attach a notice of sale on your ride. Whether you’re selling the bike online or in person, ensure your ads include your contact details and price.


Selling your secondhand motorbike can be challenging. However, implementing these tips can help you sell your used motorcycle faster.