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News   July 25, 2022   by Paid Content

Wakefield Canada launches new Castrol ON e-Fluids

From race track to road

Castrol ON e-Fluid technologies have been tested to the limit on the racetrack with the Jaguar Formula E Racing team before reaching the road, where they’re already extending the life of e-vehicles made by the world’s favourite EV brands.

Wakefield is bringing the innovative Castrol ON product to the Canadian marketplace.

“To make the future of mobility a reality will require significant collaboration and co-engineering across a long and complex global supply chain,” said Hasan Zobairi, VP Marketing, Wakefield Canada. “It’s estimated by 2040 that there could be 1 billion electrified cars and trucks in the vehicle park. Castrol ON offers OEM partners and consumers a full range of advanced e-Fluids to meet the challenging technical demands of current and future electric vehicles.”

Castrol: Accelerating the EVolution

Castrol’s study Accelerating the EVolution revealed that collaboration and consumer education is the key to achieving the tipping points to mainstream EV adoption.

Castrol surveyed nearly 10,000 consumers, fleet managers and industry specialists across eight of the world’s most important EV markets to identify the global tipping points to EV purchase for consumers, fleets and EV Specialists.

When it came to the global consumer, price was the number one tipping point at $36,000. The second was charge time, at 31 minutes; the third was range; the fourth was infrastructure for charging EVs; and the fifth was vehicle choice.

Wakefield Canada has introduced the new Castrol ON product line-up in Canada to allow electronic vehicles to go further, faster, longer with greater efficiency, cooler batteries and extended life. The three available e-fluids are:

Castrol ON, e-Greases: Castrol ON ™, e-Greases play a vital role in maintaining optimum efficiency and extending the life of components.1

Castrol ON, e-Thermal Fluids: Castrol ON, battery e-Thermal Fluids improve thermal management, keeping batteries cooler and at more stable temperatures even in extreme conditions.2

Castrol ON, e-Transmission Fluids: Castrol ON, e-Transmission Fluids deliver enhanced drivetrain protection, improve efficiency, help EVs go further on a single charge and work to extend the overall life of the drivetrain system.

Castrol provides the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every rider and every industry. It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering. For more information on Canada’s number one motor oil brand, visit To learn more about how Castrol ON can support your business needs in support of the EVolution, please contact


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