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News   September 29, 2015   by Steve Pawlett

Total Serving The Agricultural World


Total Canada, a subsidiary of the world’s fourth largest Oil and Gas Company, has announced the official launch of its new line of high-end lubricants for the agricultural sector. The line includes greases as well as specific lubricants designed for engines, transmissions, and hydraulic circuits, and features new stand-out packaging in the Total Agriculture colors of green and white.

Total, a partner to the agricultural sector for over 50 years, offers high performance lubricants approved by major manufacturers. This innovative and exclusive new line also boasts Fuel Economy tech products and a selection of biolubricants that meet the most stringent criteria for cost effectiveness and environmental protection.

An overview of the new line:

* Total Tractagri  HDZ 15W-40 is an ultra high performance lubricant designed for naturally aspirated and turbocharged tractor and farm machinery engines.

* Total Dynatrans HD 80W-90 & 85W-140 are bridge and axle lubricants.

* Total Dynatrans MPV is a high-end lubricant for wet disc brake transmissions and hydraulic circuits on farm tractors and heavy duty and handling machinery.

* Total Dynatrans VX FE is a synthetic lubricant for wet disc brake transmissions and hydraulic systems on farm tractors.

* Total Biotrans FX is an ultra high quality biodegradable UTTO lubricant for wet disc brake transmissions and hydraulic systems on farm machinery.

* Total Hydragri 32 & 46 are high performance hydraulic oils with a high viscosity index.

* Total Biohydran SE is a biodegradable hydraulic fluid with high thermal stability based on saturated synthetic esters.

Total also offers a complete selection of greases designed to meet the needs of the agricultural industry. The line includes Ceran XM 220, Multis Complex HV 2 Moly, Multis EP 2, Multis ComplexEP 2B, and Biomultis EP 2.

The Max Formula (Light, Medium, Heavy) line includes chain lubricants that adhere to and protect chainsaw blades and other chain-bearing equipment.





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