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News   December 31, 2020   by Christine Hogg

Temot International appoints new executive

Bogumil Papierniok

Temot International has hired Bogumił Papierniok as chief business development officer, effective Jan. 1, 2021.

Papierniok has extensive experience in the automotive aftermarket, having worked for MotoProfil for more than 27 years.

In his latest role, Papierniok served as the managing director and the vice-president of the MotoProfil Board.

Papierniok is a strong advocate of the IAM rights, and has actively supported and lobbied on an international level for FIGIEFA as a member of the board of the Polish Association of Automotive Spare Parts Distributors and Producers (SDCM). He was also the Polish expert for CARS 21 and 2020, high level group on the
competitiveness and sustainable growth of the automotive industry in the European Union.

Papierniok has been involved with Temot for several years now, having been an active member of the Products & Suppliers Council, the Data Management Council and the Garage Concept Council. From March 2019 to October 2020, he was appointed by MotoProfil at the position of the late Piotr Tochowicz as member of the TEMOT International Supervisory Board.

“I’m extremely delighted to welcome Bogumił from our dear Shareholder MotoProfil to TEMOT, a natural step ahead at his excellent professional career within the automotive aftermarket,” said Fotios Katsardis, president and CEO of Temot. “With his vast experience and professional capabilities, he is definitely our most important investment of the year! Bogumił is now summoned to offer his valuable services to our shareholders globally, strengthen their competitiveness under the rapidly challenging circumstances and assist Temot to become more focused, efficient and shareholders-centric.”

As chief business development officer, Bogumił is expected to elaborate and implement Temot business development plans, design and apply processes and systems to support the shareholders’ growth and facilitate it by focusing in working together with the selected stakeholders. He will also lobby on the behalf of Temot shareholders reinforcing all issues concerning the quest for a competitive and fair aftermarket i.e. from telematics to access to repair and to data, cybersecurity, block exemption and all new ones bound to arrive.

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