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News   August 24, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Smartcar and Pitstop partner on fleet maintenance solution

Pitstop, a Canadian firm that has developed predictive analytics software for vehicles, will work with a Silicon Valley company to offer the first hardware-free maintenance tracker for fleets.

Toronto-based Pitstop has announced it is partnering with Smartcar, a California company that specializes in application developing programming interfaces (APIs) that allow third-party applications to access and manage vehicle data without any installed hardware.

Together the firms say they will offer the first hardware-free prescriptive fleet maintenance solution to enterprises in the United States and Canada.

“The Smartcar team has built an easy-to-integrate API, allowing Pitstop to integrate with millions of vehicles without the need for hardware,” said Pitstop CEO Shiva Bhardwaj. “Our platform allows fleets to reduce downtime, save repair costs, and optimally maintain their vehicles like never before.”

Pitstop’s cloud-based maintenance platform unifies data from across the automotive industry to provide maintenance dashboards to vehicle fleets. Using Smartcar’s technology, Pitstop customers will not have to install aftermarket hardware devices into their vehicles.

Pitstop is one of the first vehicle prognostics platforms to perform predictive analytics from multiple data sources. Pitstop harnesses data from connected cars, component manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, and other sources. By ingesting time-series sensor data, diagnostic information, usage patterns, and maintenance records to draw insights from proprietary machine learning algorithms, Pitstop allows fleet managers and other enterprises to prevent breakdowns, reduce downtime, and efficiently manage their vehicle fleets.

“While Pitstop makes it easy for enterprises to manage their vehicle fleets, Smartcar makes it easy for developers like Pitstop to integrate their products and services with cars,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “Our partnership drives both of these missions forward, which makes it all the more exciting for us.”

Using Smartcar’s technology, the Pitstop predictive maintenance solution can connect to fleet vehicles in just a few clicks.

Fleet managers log in with their connected services credentials and review exactly which types of information Pitstop will be able to retrieve from their vehicles. Once onboarding is complete, Pitstop is able to retrieve the location, odometer reading, fuel tank level, tire pressure, and remaining engine oil life from each vehicle in order to inform prescriptive maintenance plans and detect potential issues.

By using Smartcar and eliminating the need for aftermarket hardware devices, Pitstop’s customers can save time and money that they would otherwise spend purchasing, installing, and maintaining aftermarket hardware devices for each vehicle. The hardware-free solution is beneficial for fleets of all sizes, ranging from small companies to large fleets that are in need of a scalable and reliable fleet management solution.

Pitstop’s fully digital predictive fleet maintenance solution is available to customers across the United States and Canada starting this week.

Pitstop is disrupting the automotive industry by “Predicting vehicle failures before they happen.” Pitstop has built a platform that delivers actionable insights through a powerful combination of telematics, data sources, cloud based proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning. This directly impacts enterprise customers, fleet managers, and vehicle owners by helping them understand and organize all of their maintenance needs, allowing them to avoid repair costs, reduce downtime, and better understand component-level failures.

Smartcar allows businesses of all kinds to build and scale their mobility services. Companies use Smartcar APIs to track fleets, verify mileage, issue digital keys, and manage EV charging.

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