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News   November 9, 2020   by Christine Hogg

Saleri adds 31 electric water pumps to aftermarket range

Saleri, the Italian designer and OEM manufacturer of water pumps, is extending its range of after market electric auxiliary water pumps.

Saleri’s long standing commitment to R&D over the years has resulted in many innovative solutions, such as electric pumps for the main engine circuit and for auxiliary applications. This extensive OEM expertise enables the SIL Aftermarket Division to offer for the first time an enhanced range of 31 new electric auxiliary water pumps.

Among these, the 50W electric auxiliary water pump that was designed by Saleri for the Audi OEM production line. This water pump is based on the integration of a hydraulic system, electric motor and on-board electronicmodule. Impeller speed and therefore performance of the pump can be controlled via the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) communication protocol.

Cooling responds to demand, especially during cold starts or start & stop phases, allowing optimized thermal management and emissions reduction.

The integration of the power source and control inside the pump leads allows for location flexibility within the engine compartment.

The extensive Aftermarket portfolio offered by the SIL brand includes electric water pumps with capacity range that goes from 3 to 110 watts.

These references are suitable for various needs:

– A/C Heater Systems
– After-Run coolant circulation
– Supercharger and turbocharger intercooler pumps
– Hybrid drive inverter coolant pumps

“Whether vehicles are powered by combustion, hybrid or electric, it’s necessary to pump liquids as a means of transferring heat away from, and between, vehicle components,” said Marco Pinnacoli, Saleri aftermarket sales director. “By ensuring we have a well-developed and appropriate range of mechanical, variable, hybrid and electronic products, Saleri is well-equipped to meet tomorrow’s cooling
technology challenges. We are in an excellent position, to meet our growth targets alongside our partners in both the OE and aftermarkets.”

More information is available at, where Saleri’s extensive product catalogue, product datasheets, instructions, certifications and training videos can be accessed.

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