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News   July 17, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Quebec legislature clarifies face mask requirements


The Quebec government has announced legislative measures on the wearing of masks or face covers in public places.

Technicians in mechanical bays will not have to wear face masks if the shop is not open to customers, and so long as technicians respect a distance of 2 meters between colleagues.

The recommendation from Auto Prévention, describes auto repair shops as private spaces if they are not open to customers.

Technicians, like any other employees, will need to wear a medical grade mask and eye protection if they will be within two meters of another person, whether in the shop or elsewhere.

People are obliged to wear a procedural mask and protective goggles (or procedural mask and visor) wherever customers are present and where a distance of two meters cannot be respected, in the absence of a physical barrier (plexiglass).

The visor can replace the safety glasses, but not the procedure mask. However, if wearing mask-glasses or mask-visor combination poses a safety risk, the mask can be removed and the wearing of the visor alone is acceptable.

Exceptions can be made on a doctor’s recommendation for workers whose state of health causes the procedural mask to be harmful to health (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, for example), the visor can be worn alone, without the mask.

More information can be found HERE.  Take note of page 5 for COVID-19 prevention measures specifically for car repair shops.

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