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Premium disc brake pads


Akebono Brake Corporation has expanded its ProACT Ultra-Premium Disc Brake Pad line by four part numbers.  Premium 301 stainless steel abutment hardware is included in the three kits that require it.

A complete listing of Akebono applications for these parts and the rest of our product offering in our all-new web-catalog at or directly via;

“Today’s release includes ProACT brake pads for the Buick Envision, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Santa Fe & Santa Fe XL, as well as the Kia Sorento & Soul.  All four of these parts add significant late-model coverage, to our line at a time, that most will soon be approaching their first brake service.”  Stated Edward Gerhardt marketing and data service manager, Akebono Brake Corporation “All these parts are in-stock and ready for shipment, perfect timing for the 2020 brake season.”