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New Gates Belt Wear Gauge

Belt_Wear_Gauge_320x245 A

The new Gates Belt Wear Gauge was designed with input from automotive technicians.  It is easy to use and gives instant pass / fail results.  You can use it on or off the vehicle, one-handed, and even in places where you can’t see.

Today’s serpentine belts wear out gradually, much like a tire, and don’t always show signs of visual wear.  A serpentine belt can appear to be in good condition when it’s actually near failure.  Belts manufactured before the year 2000 show obvious failure signs such as cracks.  The New Gates Belt Wear Gauge provides a simple and reliable way to determine if a serpentine belt has lost enough material to negatively affect performance and warrant replacement.

It’s important to be system smart and when replacing a belt, a tensioner should be replaced at the same time. Gates makes this system approach easy with their ACK (Accessory Component Kits) which provide the belt, tensioner and pulley(s) to do the complete job.