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Driveline oils


Traxon Synthetic 75W-85 from PetroCanada expands the existing Traxon Synthetic range providing fleet owners and operators with enhanced efficiency and long-lasting wear protection that can extend equipment life and reduce unplanned downtime and associated maintenance costs. Offering year-round performance in the harshest environments, Traxon Synthetic 75W-85 provides easier start-ups and improved cold weather shifting for manual transmissions, hypoid gears and rear axles. This low viscosity hypoid gear oil is designed to meet API Gear Lubricant Service GL-5 and API MT-1 Gear Lubricant standards and MACK GO-J for heavy-duty manual transmissions. It is also approved against the SAE J2360 Global Standard. Traxon Synthetic 75W-85 is suitable for use where Volvo 1273,12 (97312) and Meritor 0-76-J specifications are required.