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News   April 28, 2022   by Contibuted

PAID: The Boom of Automotive DIY

How the automotive DIY trend is driving demand for parts & accessories

The automobile industry is facing volatile market conditions, which is causing substantial supply issues industry wide. With these challenges, getting your hands on a new car can be tedious process, leading many people to fix up the cars already in their driveway, instead of purchasing new.

However, this is not the only driver behind the rise in automotive DIYing. The industry is full of passionate enhancers and restorers, and their ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude has produced a surge in demand for parts and accessories. From celebrities like Beyonce showing off their collections to the recent increase of online car auctions, the restoration and enhancing of cars has a growing enthusiast community, and it shows no sign of stopping. eBay Motors, a leader in automotive parts and accessories, is seeing this firsthand.

“Automotive enthusiasts have long been turning to eBay for our wide selection of trusted parts and accessories,” said Ryan Baltjes, eBay Canada’s Head of Automotive Parts & Accessories. “But the automotive DIY trend has really kicked into a higher gear in recent years, and we’re seeing it play out on our marketplace. In fact, three auto parts are sold every second on eBay across North America.”

Last year eBay saw Canadian sales on transmission rebuild kits jump nearly 65 per cent and brake component kits increase over 85 per cent, and the list goes on.  The recent valuation of classic cars also shows just how much this industry is growing, with classic cars having increased in value by more than 100 per cent over the past decade, with continual increase in the last year*.

But when it comes to DIYing, it’s not always easy to find the niche or rare parts needed to complete that impressive garage project. The rise of online shopping and global marketplaces certainly gives enthusiasts more access than ever to products. However, once a part is found online, the challenge is ensuring that it will actually be compatible with your vehicle. That’s why features like eBay My Garage were designed as a one-stop-shop to finding parts and accessories for your exact vehicle specs, giving confidence that the part you’re looking to purchase will fit your make and model.

“Finding those rare or niche parts can really make or break your project, so having access to the breadth of inventory that only a global marketplace like eBay can offer is clutch,” said Baltjes. “But access to inventory is only half the battle; you also need a trusted buying experience when you’re making such a unique purchase. That’s where eBay can’t be beat, with our Money Back Guarantee on both new and used parts, letting you shop with confidence.”

So, for those auto enthusiasts in search of those ‘just right’ parts for their latest project, they can head to

*Knight Frank (2021)

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