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News   September 6, 2019   by Allan Janssen

Kia Canada welcomes Sungwon Kwon as new president, CEO

Sungwon Kwon, President & CEO, Kia Canada

Kia Canada Inc. has a new president and CEO.

Sungwon Kwon joins Kia Canada from his previous role with the Americas Group at Kia Motors Corporation in Korea.

He takes over from Kyle Lee who is leaving Kia Canada Inc. to take on the role of President and CEO of Kia Motors Central & South America Headquarters (KMCSA).

“On behalf of our entire organization and dealers across the country, I would like to thank Mr. Lee for this tremendous efforts and leadership here in Canada and wish him luck in his new role,” said Elias El-Achhab, vice president and chief operating officer of Kia Canada Inc. “As a young brand celebrating just our 20th year in Canada, we have come a long way in recent years and are we are thrilled to welcome Mr. Kwon to the team and know that his experience and expertise will help us ensure that our product offering matches the demand of Canadian consumers. After a strong summer and a fantastic August, Mr. Kwon’s leadership comes at the perfect time as we work to ensure that we keep the momentum going into the fourth quarter and 2020.”

Kia Canada Inc. reported today 7,640 total vehicles sold for the month of August, a 3 per cent increase over the same time period in 2018.  August’s results were led by Forte (1,726 units), Sorento (1,406 units) and Sportage (1,336 units), representing 40.8, 15.8 and 3.9 per cent year-over-year increases respectively. August also represented a strong month for Kia’s two electric vehicles, the Kia Niro and Kia Soul, with 244 units sold with zero emissions.


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1 Comment » for Kia Canada welcomes Sungwon Kwon as new president, CEO
  1. Isabelle Houle says:


    my husband and I bought a 2014 Kia Sorento last March. I cannot tell you how much I regret this decision. We bought this vehicle to replace our 14 year old Toyota Sienna.
    Since we bought the Sorento, we ran into all kind of troubles with that vehicle, but the more pressing and more annoying issue is that we cannot locked our vehicle anymore. The electronic system doesn’t work anymore. My husband did his research online and found out that it quite a common complaint of Kia Sorento owner of that age. We brought our vehicle to a dealership to have a quote on fixing the issue and it came back to us with a quote of $2100.00. This is absolutely ridiculous. We never had such problem with our Toyota that was double the age. And I paid quite a bit of money for that vehicle (close to $20,000) I have more than four years of payments to make on that vehicle and absolutely cannot afford repairs like that. I don’t know who could afford it and how can Kia price such ridiculous services. Being able to locked a vehicle is quite necessary now of days. It can become a safety issues and I think Kia should take some responsibilities here. I really don’t feel comfortable letting my 18 years child drive the vehicle downtown Winnipeg because of that issue, which is quite ridiculous. That was supposed to be our second good vehicle that we could depend on. Among all my years of driving and buying a second hand vehicle, it is the first time that I am facing such a problem and it is also the first time that I am owning a Kia and let me tell you that it will probably be the last time . I hate this vehicle. I wish I could resell it and buy another Toyota but who will buy a vehicle that you cannot locked. Again I cannot point out enough how ridiculous and how frustrating this situation is. I will never recommend any one that I know to buy a Kia and I will let know as many people as possible about this ridiculous problem. You would think that locking a vehicle is pretty basic technologie now of days and that Kia would care a little more about their customers and would show a little more respect and ownership behind their products. Are you telling people that your vehicles are only good for 5 to 7 years and after that they will start costing thousand of dollars to the clients in maintenance? What I really would like is for my message to reach the President of Kia Canada and getting a good explaination and a proper solution to the problem that we are facing right now. I will wait for a prompt and satisfactory reply to my message . Thank you. Isabelle Houle

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