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News   July 23, 2010   by Auto Service World

Yokohama Launches Online Fuel Savings Calculator for Commercial Fleets

Yokohama Tire Corporation today has launched an interactive, online-based tool on its website that will enable commercial fleet owners to learn how they can improve their bottom line in terms of gas savings.
Called the Yokohama Fuel Savings Calculator, the interactive tool performs a side-by-side comparison of Yokohama’s fuel-efficient tires against competitors. The savings are shown in three ways, which are the Annual Fuel Savings per Truck, Annual Fuel Savings for Fleet and Annual Gallons of Fuel Saved.
“The Fuel Savings Calculator is specifically designed for fleet owners to see how much they can improve their bottom line by using our truck tires,” said John Cooney, Yokohama director of sales, Commercial Division. “Fleet owners can easily see their annual fuel cost savings when comparing Yokohama tires – which include our Zenvironment line and the new 101ZL – against competitors. The 101ZL is on the EPA’s SmartWay list of verified technologies for tires – one of eight Yokohama tires that are recognized as SmartWay low rolling resistance tires.”
In addition, the Fuel Savings Calculator shows the total reduction of carbon footprint with the use of Yokohama tires. “Besides the pure monetary savings, there’s also a ‘green’ benefit to the calculator,” said Cooney. “With fleets being more environmentally focused, it’s important for them to see how the right choice of tires can dramatically reduce the carbon impact on the environment. For example, a comparison between Yokohama tires and a competitor’s shows more than 2,000 pounds of CO2 saved from being released into the atmosphere via gallons of fuel saved. It’s another example of our commitment to produce environmentally-sound products.”
The Yokohama Fuel Savings Calculator is housed within the commercial Web section at

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