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News   September 30, 2011   by Auto Service World

Wakefield Opens Canada’s First Diesel Exhaust Fluid Solutionizing Facility

Wakefield Canada has opened its H2Blu diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) solutionizing facility in Toronto ahead of schedule.
The ribbon cutting ceremony took place well ahead of the original business timetable. The plan called for building a facility eventually when H2Blu volume warranted the step; the strength of sales in the first six months have already justified the investment.
Wakefield Canada has been marketing its own brand of DEF, H2Blu, for less than half a year and its market success has already accelerated the company’s plans for Canadian production. Bob MacDonald, President of Wakefield Canada, today cut the ribbon officially opening the high tech facility that will take prilled urea, the raw ingredient in DEF, and process it into ready-to-use H2Blu DEF. The solutionizing facility is housed within Wakefield’s existing lubricant blending plant in Toronto’s Long Branch area. The facility is understood to be the first of its kind in this country. Wakefield sources prill through CDI (Cervantes-Delgado Inc), a strategic partner of PotashCorp.

By manufacturing and packaging H2Blu in its own facility, Wakefield is able to absolutely control the product’s purity. Purity is critical to the operation of today’s SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) clean diesel vehicles; impurities can cause engines to operate improperly, slow down (derate) or even stop.
In addition to the manufacturing equipment, Wakefield has also increased its distribution fleet adding the specialized trucks required for distribution of sensitive DEF. MacDonald noted that the investment in the new facility and trucks is significant for the company but helps strengthen Wakefield’s commitment to manufacturing and distributing vital products to the automotive and heavy-duty sectors. The company’s strong relationships within the HD and automotive industry, built on the strength of its Castrol lubricants representation, will create synergies that MacDonald anticipates will propel the company into a leadership position in the DEF segment.
Macdonald was pleased to announce that production of H2Blu also brings jobs and economic benefit to the community and the country, fulfilling another of Wakefield Canada’s business objectives.

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