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News   June 18, 2003   by Auto Service World

Vehicle Tracking System Completes Field Tests

Montreal-based C-Chip Technologies Corporation has announced that its Tracking Manager vehicle location and control technology has successfully completed field tests.
C-Chip anticipates introducing the Tracking Manager to the market later this summer.
Benoit Langlais, director of marketing, says: “C-Chip’s Tracking Manager is a new generation tracking device. Not only is it the smallest, it fits in the palm of your hand, but it is amongst the most accurate, and at the same time the least expensive to buy and operate. It will be a welcome addition for our existing distribution channels for credit and security management solutions.
"We also believe is has great potential as a fleet management tool for the small urban fleet market. Its low price eliminates the barrier to entry for small businesses, and the absence of fixed monthly fees makes it economically attractive. It will be the ideal tool for monitoring and it will greatly increase the efficiency of dispatching for small delivery and services companies.”
The Tracking Manager is a modular system. The basic package enables users to pinpoint the location and speed of their vehicles using the web. Under normal conditions, the system will track a vehicle within approximately three metres. Users can also review the history and whereabouts of their vehicles within a given time frame. Once a user sends a request over the Internet, data is transmitted over a wireless network using the ReFLEX protocol which offers the largest coverage area of all land-based wireless communications technology. Options available to users will include GEO fencing, notification of excess speed, notification and location in case of theft of vehicle, starter and fuel pump interrupt, door unlock and navigation aid. All requests are charged on a pay-per-use basis.
"Contrary to competing products mostly based on cellular technology and carrying the burden of costly monthly network fees, our vision for the Tracking Manager is to supply the market with a reliable, efficient product not subject to monthly network fees, at a price point lending itself to wide distribution," said Stephane Solis, president and CEO. "The Tracking Manager should be very successful as a standalone product and a great addition to our current credit and security management solutions.”

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