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News   July 11, 2008   by Auto Service World

Valeo Takes Nissan Innovation Award

Valeo announces that it has received the Global Innovation Award from Nissan Motor Co. for its contribution to their lane departure prevention system.
The award was presented on July 10 at the Nissan Global Supplier Award ceremony in Tokyo.
Valeo’s advanced camera and intelligent software technology, which supplies precise vehicle position information, is a key element of this system.
The new models equipped are the Infiniti EX, FX and M.
The system uses camera and sensor technology to judge the distance between the vehicle and lane markings on the road.
If the vehicle drifts out of its lane without the driver signaling, the system gives an audible or visual warning to the driver and gently applies the brakes to help bring the vehicle back into the lane.
Lane departure technology can help reduce the number of accidents caused by unintentional lane departures, which have been shown to be the cause of more than 40% of accidents in the United States.

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