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Feature   January 1, 2008   by Auto Service World

Underhanded Underhood Notice Uncovered

A number of Chrysler vehicles in Ontario were found to have an underhood notice advising vehicle owners that they must use Mopar products or risk having their warranty denied.

Chrysler Canada (formerly DaimlerChrysler Canada) denies any knowledge of the notice, which reads:

“Daimler Chrysler Canada Reserves the right to deny warranty coverage if not all of the recommended scheduled maintenance is completed and performed using only genuine Mopar parts and lubricants.”

It should be noted that as long as the proper maintenance schedules are observed using lubricants, filters, other parts, and fluids meeting the proper industry specifications, warranty coverage is not at risk.

Uncovered by members of the Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA), which represents the fast lube industry in North America, the notice was investigated by the association.

When AOCA questioned Chrysler Canada Inc. about the notice, the company responded it “is not familiar with and has no knowledge relating to the notice . . . and the contents are not attributable to Chrysler Canada Inc. in any way.”

While the origin of the notice remains unclear, the group suggests that these stickers may have been produced and attached to vehicles by a local dealer.

Canadian fast lube operators who encounter this misleading notice are encouraged by the association to provide their customers with a copy of the written response from Chrysler Canada Inc., which has already been forwarded to all AOCA members in Canada.

Non-member operators may contact AOCA headquarters for additional information.

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