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News   September 12, 2005   by Auto Service World

U.S. Retailers Fail Arizona Price Inspection

A report out of Phoenix, Arizona, says that automotive retailers AutoZone, Pep Boys, and Checker Auto Parts, are among those that failed inspections matching scanned prices against price tags.
The report, which also included sports and electronics stores as well as Wal-Mart and Kmart, says that the result has been product overcharges and some retailers paying more than $51,000 U.S in state fines for misleading consumers.
Sports Authority was levied the largest fine — $16,000 — for overcharges due to mispriced items. State price inspections showed the sporting goods big box overcharged customers on 169 items totaling just under $1,290.
AutoZone was the second-worst offender according to state regulators and has been assessed $11,600 in fines for mismatched prices on 300 products.
Each of the 25 items checked by the state at Fry’s Electronics during the year long inspection process was inaccurate, according to the state agency, which fined the electronics retailer $1,000.
Pep Boys failed price inspections 69 percent of the time between September 2004 and August 2005, garnering state fines of $11,800.

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