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News   October 27, 2005   by Auto Service World

U.S. EPA Approves OEM Web Site Audit

The U.S. Environmental Protection Association will proceed with an audit of the OEM Websites to measure the independent aftermarket technician’s ability to access repair information.
The audit was delayed due to the need for a formal review process through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Last week OMB approved the OEM audit. As a result, the EPA will be initiating the full-scale audit process shortly.
According to Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association vice-president Paul Foley, the audit will clarify the level of compliance of the car manufacturers Web sites and availability of data to the independent aftermarket.
The audit is for OBD but that ties into at least 80% of the vehicle and it seems likely that if this data is available then all data is available, Foley said.
During the OMB review process, EPA conducted a small-scale pilot audit for a few OEM Web sites in order to obtain some preliminary results and assess the effectiveness of the questionnaire.
Five technicians were selected from the overall volunteer list to participate in this pilot project. All five technicians provided detailed comments on the OEM Websites to which they were assigned and some also provided minor comments on the wording and format of the questionnaire itself.
Nearly 300 volunteer technicians will be provided with an update on the project and an auditor application.

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