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News   December 17, 2013   by Auto Service World

TRW Adds Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Reader To Mobile Catalogue Apps

TRW’s North American (NA) Aftermarket Group has announced the addition of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) reader to its mobile catalog Apps for iPhone and Android, to aid fast and accurate identification of parts and avoid the practice of wrongly ordered goods.

Mark Thorpe, product group manager, TRW Aftermarket North America, explained: “By scanning the VIN number or typing it in using the TRW catalogue App, the installer and warehouse distributor can determine which TRW chassis part or brake pad fits the vehicle, allowing for accurate ordering and delivery.

“This is further proof of TRW’s commitment to continuously enhancing our customer service, and it supports our position as a leading global manufacturer of Original Equipment (OE) quality braking and chassis parts and systems.”

The VIN is a unique 17 digit vehicle identification code located inside the lower left front windshield. This sequence of numbers can be divided into three groups: World Manufacturer Identifier; Vehicle Descriptor Section and Vehicle Identifier Section. This information explains everything about the specific vehicle, from where and when it was made to the parts it contains.

To update the TRW App, simply download the latest version by visiting the itunes or Android store.

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