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News   March 4, 2008   by Auto Service World

Transmission Symposium Scheduled for May

The 2nd CTI Symposium “Automotive Transmissions North America” has been scheduled for May 6th and 7th in Detroit.
As the organizers of the event noted, global competition, high gas prices and more stringent emissions regulations are increasing the pressure on the international automobile development sector.
As Tobias Hagenmeyer, President of the transmission manufacturer Getrag Corporate Group, puts it: “We must collaborate to develop new engines and transmissions that will lower fuel consumption, decrease emissions levels and satisfy commercial requirements – all at the same time.”
Innovative drive train technologies that make vehicles more ecologically compatible and more efficient will be discussed at the Symposium.
More than 35 speakers from the USA, Europe, and Asia will report on the latest dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) and automatic transmissions. Specifically, the 6-gear FDW Transaxle transmission from General Motors (USA), the 7-gear transmission for RWD vehicles from Jatco (Japan), the 8-gear transmission from ZF (Germany), and the 9-gear AT drive system from Tata Motors (India) will be presented.
The second Symposium day will focus on all-wheel drive systems, torque converters, and their impact on reduction of fuel consumption.
The Global Hybrid Cooperation, consisting of BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, and GM, will show their new hybrid standard for multiple requirements at a special additional day on May 8, where Mary Ann Wright, CEO of Johnson Controls, will also give a lecture on battery technologies for hybrid vehicles.
At the supporting exhibition “Transmission Expo”, symposium participants can gain further insights into all the transmission technologies presented by 22 exhibitors.
The event is sponsored by the American GFM Corporation, Arnold Umformtechnik, AVL List, and Smart Manufacturing Technology.