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News   October 12, 2012   by Auto Service World

Three Canadian Cities make TomTom’s Traffic Congestion Hot Spot List

TomTom has announced the results of its latest Congestion Index measuring traffic congestion in North American cities between April and June 2012. The latest Congestion Index, covering 26 cities, confirms that Los Angeles remains the most congested city in North America. On average, journey times in Los Angeles are 33% longer than when traffic in the city is flowing freely and 74% longer during evening rush hour. TomTom’s Congestion Index, including individual city reports, can be found at

TomTom’s Congestion Index is the world’s most accurate barometer of congestion in urban areas. The Index is uniquely based on real travel time data captured by vehicles driving the entire road network. TomTom’s traffic database contains over six trillion data measurements and is growing by five billion measurements every day. The overall Congestion Level for all the North American cities analyzed between April and June 2012 is 21%.

The top ten most congested North American cities, ranked by overall Congestion Level, between April and June 2012 were:

1. Los Angeles 34%

6. Washington 26%

2. Vancouver 33%

7. Seattle 26%

3. San Francisco 29%

8. New York 25%

4. Montreal 28%

9. Chicago 23%

5. Toronto 27%

10. Miami 22%

“This Congestion Index gives the general public, businesses, industry and policy makers accurate and unbiased information about congestion levels in urban areas,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of Traffic at TomTom. “Because TomTom’s traffic information is so precise, we can pinpoint congestion trouble spots more effectively. When combined with real-time traffic information and routing technology, traffic starts to be routed away from these congested areas, helping to ease congestion in cities and urban areas.”