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Feature   April 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

The Driver’s Safety Kit

Whether your customers rarely travel out of town or spend long hours on dark prairie roads, they should be prepared for a breakdown. And, while a cellular phone is a great tool, it can never be counted on to work, especially in the sparsely populated parts of the country.

Although a summer-time breakdown may not carry the perils of a winter stranding, it can still be a cold, lonely, and unpleasant experience. If it happens beside a busy highway, it can be downright scary.

This is why drivers should carry a safety kit to help them effect simple repairs or be more comfortable while they wait for help to come.

Here is a checklist for an all-weather kit that you could provide customers. You may even want to put some of the items together as part of a promotion.

Small throw rug.

Work gloves.

Two bread wrappers and four rubber bands (to keep your feet dry or other uses).

A large standard screwdriver.

A pair of pliers.

A spray can of penetrating oil.

A set of battery jumper cables.

A wheel chock.

Emergency flares.

A large flashlight and extra batteries.

A rubber hammer.

A folding shovel or a short-handed shovel.

A roll of mechanic’s wire.

A four-way tire wrench.

A funnel.

An old shower curtain for ground covering if you have to crawl under the car.

An old scarf for emergency hose repairs and an old belt.

A bag of cat box filler or rock salt.

A cigarette lighter.

A plastic jug of water.

A basic first aid pack.

A fluorescent safety vest to wear if you have to repair a car on the side of the road.

Dried fruit, nuts or other nonperishable food.

A blanket to ward off cold weather.


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