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News   October 10, 2003   by Auto Service World

Survey Says Canadians Want Photo Enforcement

According to the Canada Safety Council, Canadians favour some use of photo radar for speed enforcement. The CSC commissioned a Decima teleVox survey of 2,000 Canadians to find out their attitudes towards traffic enforcement. The results of the September 2003 poll closely parallel a similar one done in January 2001.
About 35 per cent of Canadians feel there is not enough traditional traffic enforcement by police, including roadside checks, speed traps, and the general visibility of police. Well over half (55 per cent) feel the level is about right. Counting “strongly support” and “somewhat support”, 84 per cent support photo radar in school zones, 78 per cent support the use of cameras to identify vehicles that go through intersections after the traffic light has turned red, and 66 per cent support photo radar on the highway. When asked if there should be warning signs to advise of the possible presence of photo enforcement 68 per cent said yes.
The poll shows continued high support for all types of photo-enforcement, especially photo radar in school zones and. Among those who said they “strongly oppose” the use of all types of photo-enforcement, the majority were men.

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