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News   September 1, 2010   by Auto Service World

Supplier Group “Reaching Out” to American Honda Regarding Position on Aftermarket Parts

In stark contrast to the recent move by the AAIA to file a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) vowed to reach out to Honda to resolve the issue of its position on aftermarket parts.
American Honda’s recently released position statement stating that parts other than Honda/Acura Genuine parts “are not recommended” in repair and maintenance of their vehicles.
“AASA will reach out to American Honda to help resolve the misunderstanding about automotive aftermarket products and to strongly discourage the practice of painting all replacement parts, regardless of source or quality, with the same broad brush,” said Steve Handschuh, president and COO of AASA. “As to the legality of their statements, that is a matter that will best be decided by the Federal Trade Commission,” Handschuh added.
“AASA rejects any implication that all aftermarket products are somehow inferior to OE parts and have the same risks that are associated with counterfeit and gray market goods,” commented Handschuh. “This claim is absolutely incorrect. Quality aftermarket products are designed, validated and manufactured using the same formal quality operating system as those used in original equipment applications.”
“Full Service aftermarket suppliers produce parts that are equal in fit, form, function, quality and value to OEM replacement products and in many cases they perform better,” continued Handschuh. “Many of these manufacturers also supply the OE production, OE service and aftermarket channels. We welcome the opportunity to meet with American Honda and discuss with them the quality of aftermarket products,” he added.

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