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News   April 12, 2013   by Auto Service World

Stewart Warner Introduces “Gauge Line” Gauges

Stewart Warner, (formerly Maxima Technologies), has introduced the new Gauge Line gauges. The new line supports the entry-level market and price-sensitive customers, providing a natural complement to premium Stewart Warner products currently on the market.

The Gauge Line includes 23 standard electrical and mechanical gauges that are completely kitted with senders, tubing and hardware, making the gauges easier for distributors to sell and for end users to install.

“These new products feature a more robust motor that uses a dual-wind movement, delivering more torque than a typical price-line gauge and improving pointer response,” Mike Stoeckel, global product line manager – distribution at maximatecc, said. “We purposely chose this solution given our customers’ historical focus on heavy-duty applications and in light of expectations associated with the Stewart Warner brand.”

Additional features of the polished stainless steel gauges include superior lighting for optimal night-time visibility, new, contemporary easy-to-read graphics and a bright, orange-red pointer that improves the user interface.

Originating with the original Stewart brand speedometer for the Model T, Stewart Warner’s instruments were used on millions of vehicles throughout the 20th century, including military apparatus used in World War II, and on some of the most famous muscle cars of the 1960s, including the legendary Ford Daytona Coupe, Ford Mustang Shelby GT and Chevrolet Yenko Camaro.  Popular products lines such as DeluxeTM, Green LineTM, WingsTM and the Power SeriesTM are still produced today, with the classic look and improvements inside the gauges that keep them current and viable for today’s automobiles and trucks.