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News   July 29, 2004   by Auto Service World

SmarTire Announces Battery-less Tire Pressure Monitoring Technology

SmarTire Systems Inc. announced today that it has successfully completed the initial test phase of a new battery-less tire pressure and temperature monitoring system. With the automotive industry in search of a tire monitoring technology that does not rely on batteries, the management of SmarTire believes that its next generation of tire monitoring systems could set a new standard.
Current tire monitoring systems use battery power to transmit pressure and temperature information from sensors inside the tires to a receiver located within the vehicle. The new SmarTire technology involves a passive
sensor inside each tire that is energized by an antenna located within each wheel arch.
SmarTire’s battery-less system offers significant improvements over current battery powered tire monitoring technologies. Elimination of the battery in the sensor greatly reduces its weight, size and cost. Sensor life and reliability are increased and battery disposal issues are eliminated, creating an environmentally “green” solution. This new approach to tire monitoring allows tires to be rotated or changed without re-programming the
system. It also tracks tire revolutions, a critical variable in predicting tire life.
SmarTire’s President and CEO, Robert Rudman said, “This is cutting edge technology that we believe has the ability to advance the tire monitoring industry to the next level. While aspects of this technology do exist in other forms, our engineers have successfully applied and extended its functionality to satisfy the particular demands of tire monitoring. For some time now, the industry has been demanding a paradigm shift to a battery-less technology. Although it will take at least a year to commercialize this new technology, we believe that this technical milestone reinforces SmarTire as the technology
leader in tire pressure monitoring systems.”
Erwin Bartz, Vice-President of Business Development, said, “Achieving this milestone is a direct result of a lengthy research program that leveraged
SmarTire’s 16 years of engineering expertise specifically focused on tire pressure monitoring. This new battery-less solution conceptually meets the stated goals of many of the automotive manufacturers for the next generation
of tire pressure monitoring products.”

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