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News   December 19, 2001   by Auto Service World

Satellite Radio A Real Option in U.S.

U.S. Cadillac buyers have the option of equipping their 2002 models with a satellite radio set supplied by Delphi Automotive Systems.
Delphi says that it is the first OEM manufacturer to install satellite-capable radios for an original equipment customer. Delphi satellite based receivers for XM Satellite Radio service are an option on General Motors 2002 Cadillac models this year and will be available on more than 20 additional GM models next year. Delphi Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service (SDARS) systems are offered as options on the Cadillac Seville DTS and DHS and Deville models this year.
XM Radio delivers 100 channels of digital-quality music and other programming non-stop from coast-to-coast. Mobile users are charged $9.99 (U.S.) a month for the service and will be able to listen to their favorite programming no matter where they are in the continental U.S. without changing stations, though reception may be lost when the satellite is obsturcted, such as driving through a tunnel.
“From the time we were first introduced to the concept of satellite radio we have supported the technology,” said Jeffrey J. Owens, president, Delphi Delco Electronics Systems.
“Our early development of satellite radio technology and work with content providers for this new market is paying off. With Americans collectively spending close to 500 million hours per week in their vehicles, we believe many consumers will see the value and the benefits of satellite radio.”
Delphi received the first OEM multi-year purchase contract to build receivers for General Motors two years ago. The systems for GM include building a separate receiver box in addition to the radio to receive the satellite signal. The remote receiver box makes the radio capable of receiving the proprietary XM Satellite Radio signal through a custom chipset.
The radios have a 24-data character LCD display provide information for the satellite content display. Satellite Digital Audio Receiver Systems provide the listener with more programming than traditional vehicles. The alphanumeric display shows the station title, song title, artist name and program type.

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