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News   June 17, 2008   by Auto Service World

Rise In Lease Trades Good For The Aftermarket?

In the wake of high gas prices and the slumping U.S. auto market, has experienced a 30 percent increase in transactions for its lease transfer program.
Such a shift could prove positive for the aftermarket, as new lease owners will not have the same relationship with the dealer.
Consumers point to a slowing economy and unappealing new car sales incentives as leading reasons why they’d rather take over someone else’s lease.
Some U.S. auto manufacturers have reported sales decreases from 20 – 40 percent on certain vehicles in recent months.
Even smaller, more fuel-efficient cars are selling at low, single-digit increases for manufacturers.
Since the beginning of 2008, has tracked a 30 percent increase in transactions. Vehicle shoppers have the luxury of taking the car salesman out of the picture by negotiating directly with another consumer wanting out of a vehicle that still has several months remaining on the lease.
So far in 2008, the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class have been the most popular vehicles for lease transfer.

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