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News   May 22, 2002   by Auto Service World

Remanufacturing Association Unveils Internet Community

The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) has unveiled the first facet of its Internet community,
Association president Bill Gager announced the first stage of operation for the Internet site, the Message Boards for the automotive and truck parts remanufacturing community.
The automotive and truck parts rebuilding community unites rebuilders of brakes, clutches, fuel systems, CV & racks, transmissions, air conditioning, compressors, alternators, starters and a host of other rebuilt products. The first phase of the community, Message Boards, will soon to be followed by Chat Rooms, Web Polls and other miscellaneous features, according to the APRA.
Gager stated, "We want this to be the online hub for the entire
remanufacturing community. The first phase of our effort will be to offer Message Boards for air conditioning, brakes, clutches, CV & racks, electrical, fuel systems, transmissions, classifieds and general questions. As the Message Boards grow in use we will subdivide them further into logical subject breakdowns such as cleaning issues, management issues, employee relations, etc.
"Every message board will have the ability for any remanufacturer, whether they are a member of APRA or not, to participate."
The most interesting feature of is its ability to allow users to communicate with each other using different languages. You can post a message in English and it will be received by someone in Mexico, France, Germany, or any other country, in their native language. This allows you to communicate your message worldwide to many different audiences.
"This is truly a great feature that will bring together remanufacturers from across the globe. APRA is an international organization and this unique language feature will enable all our members to overcome any language barriers that they may face as they conduct business with companies around the world," Gager commented. is the result of a collaboration with
Rob Masri, executive vice president of stated, "We are very proud to have a forward thinking association like APRA use our technology to power We look forward to serving the remanufacturing industry and helping its members fulfill their networking and communication needs."
Gager further stated, "We feel we are in great company with and their ever-growing client base. We are looking forward to expanding our services through the use of MultiCity’s tools so that we can truly unite the automotive and truck parts remanufacturing industry."

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