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News   February 5, 2003   by Auto Service World

Refrigerant Take-Back Program Launched in Ontario

A program has been launched to streamline the removal of R-12 and mixed refrigerants from garages in Ontario, where R-12 recharging became illegal last year.
"We’ve come up with a tank that will hold 50 lbs. and the garage will pay $500 when they purchase the use of cylinder," says Bill Northam of Environment Air, which has launched the program.
Northam says that the program is offered through normal distribution channels, using the WD and jobber. Certified 50 lb. recovery tanks are distributed through traditional channels to garages, then returned back upstream when full.
"There’s no time limit," says Northam. " If it takes 30 days or two years to fill it up it is okay. Everything is loaded up front. We’ve also eliminated any quality issues. We don’t care what goes in it. Everything goes for destruction. It won’t get separated and recycled."
A licensed hazardous wasted disposal facility has been selected to provide the destruction. The cost of this service is included in the program.
Northam says that the key to the program is that it handles the cylinders locally, using the existing supply base.

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