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News   June 16, 2004   by Auto Service World

PPG Product Integration to Benefit Automotive Distributors

PPG Canada has combined several of its product offerings into a new line, saying that the change expands the options available to automotive refinish distributors.
The Commercial Performance Coatings (CP Coatings) Line, combining the technology and resources of the Light Industrial Coatings, Architectural Finishes, and General Industrial Coatings Groups, to offer customers an offering of new and exciting products. This new line offers automotive refinish distributors a broader range of choices to find the products that best fit the individual needs of their customers.
The CP Coatings product line includes waterborne, alkyd, epoxy, high-bake and urethane topcoats as well as many new specialty products. Supporting the CP Coatings product launch are new label designs, technical sheets and sales information.
"Formed to strengthen PPG offerings in the commercial and industrial arena, the CP Coatings team has harnessed technologies and experience from all three business units to create this new commercial brand for refinish a product line capable of competing aggressively in the small to mid-size commercial and industrial manufacturing industries," said Debbie Nucciarone, product manager, Refinish Canada.
"PPG’s dependable distributor network makes sure inventory levels are "just right", preventing costly delays or production shutdowns," Nucciarone adds. "In addition, for applications where performance is second only to the need for great value, PPG offers affordably priced coatings that are guaranteed to provide consistent results time after time."
"PPG is the world’s largest supplier of industrial coatings, known for products that are consistent in quality and performance, and provide ease of use," Nucciarone says. "Whether your projects or jobs are large or small, for consumer or industry, CP Coatings customer service representatives can work with you to tailor a system to meet your specific needs."