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News   July 2, 2004   by Auto Service World

Paintwork Completes the Ultimate Police Car

It would be enough to make even the most hardened speedster’s heart skip a beat when they spy this police car rapidly closing in their rear view mirrors.
The low-slung two-door Lamborghini Gallardo (pronounced ga-yrdo) supercar complete with 500hp V10 engine and capable of 190 mph was recently donated by Automobili Lamborghini SpA to the Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato) on the occasion of its 152nd anniversary.
For its duties with the traffic police (Polizia Stradale) patrolling the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway in southern Italy, the Gallardo Police Car has been kitted out with a siren and flashing lights on the roof, as well as a host of high-tech equipment to handle emergency and first aid activities.
Onboard medical equipment includes a special defibrillator which performs electrocardiograms and automatic diagnosis of arterial pressure and the presence of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. In addition, the sleek sports car also carries advanced technological apparatus for receiving and transmitting information and images during critical situations, such as road traffic accidents, fires and other disaster situations.
The Gallardo’s high performance capabilities and sophisticated permanent all-wheel drive system will make one of its most important tasks the swift transportation of plasma and human organs for transplants possible even in bad weather and road conditions.
Automobili Lamborghini SpA and PPG Industries formed a strong relationship some 29 years ago so it’s no surprise to find that the blue and white design of this Gallardo Police Car is finished with PPG products. Today, PPG remains the sole coatings supplier to Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata factory for the Murcielago and for the "End of Line" products.
Lamborghini is obsessive about the finish of its premium quality vehicles so it chooses to use the same premium quality PPG Envirobase and Global Refinish System (GRS) products that are used in auto refinish markets in The States and around the world.
Indeed, each car carries a special sticker pointing out that approved Lamborghini repairers are required to use PPG refinish products to keep them in line with the quality of the OE finishes coming out of the Sant’Agata factory.
As for the awesome Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car, it seems that for the moment the title of the world’s fastest police car is secure with the Italian State Police.

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