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News   August 21, 2003   by Auto Service World

New Internet Link Connects Bosch Service Centres

Repair facilities may enhance their communications abilities between their shops and a major manufacturer of automotive, diesel, and electrical components. This task can be accomplished via a new Internet web site. The web site, sporting the address, enables the vehicle service facility to quickly tap resources at Robert Bosch Corporation.
The web site home page offers quick computer calling to a top line of menu selections for Bosch equipment subjects and links. In this way, the site offers the browser cursor access to "Service Locations, Limited Warranty, Learning Tools, Other Bosch Sites, Service Center Applications, Authorized Service, and Homepage." To operate the site, a simple placing of the mouse finger on any line listing, gives access to "drop down menu" selections. For example, at left, on "Service Locations", we find "Automotive, Diesel Service Center, Dealer Service Dealer, and Heavy Duty Electric" callouts. A click of your mouse button on any "drop down" selection icon reveals a map of the US states. A finger click on the state desired, and the site provides a listing of Bosch centers for the category selected. The site then provides you with abilities to transfer to mapping sites, for driving directions to the listed facility.
A selection of the command line "Limited Warranty" menu selection gives warranty provisions for Bosch Automotive, Diesel Fuel Injection, and Heavy Duty Electric.
And, for those interested in some superior Bosch training materials for Heath and Bosch Automotive/Diesel/ Electrical topics, the site offers a virtual catalog of materials. The menu of the "Access Catalog" selection, for example, offers a listing wherein training videos, CD courses, charts and printed materials may be ordered. Availability of "pdf" order form downloads give quick mailing abilities for your Bosch educational needs.
Corporate access is key to the site, for through the "Other Bosch Sites" menu selection, you can gain access to links connecting your computer to Bosch USA, and Bosch Worldwide internet sites. Selecting either of these gives an idea of the vastness of corporate resources at your disposal.
For those who wish to apply as an authorized Bosch Service Center, the top line menu provides a BSC application form. And lastly, for those who are already Bosch Authorized Centers, access to the password protected Bosch database is provided.

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