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News   August 19, 2002   by Auto Service World

New Extended Life Coolant Introduced for Fleet Customers

ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants (CTGL) today introduced Delo Extended Life Coolant (ELC), the latest addition to the company’s line of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle products.
By supplying engine coolants in addition to its full line of lubrication products, CTGL offers customers an even greater range of products through a one-stop-shop where the needs of fleet customers can be met conveniently through one global vendor.
In addition to high-quality protection to engine cooling systems and components, Delo ELC also offers high-value to customers who must balance performance with cost. The product provides long service life protection, superior corrosion protection, long water pump seal life, and excellent heat transfer. This can translate into reduced vehicle maintenance and less down time.
CTGL has a history of developing superior products that not only provide customers with bottom-line value, but also meet performance requirements well ahead of industry deadlines. The most recent example, Chevron Delo 400 Multigrade, was a formulation commercially available in 1998 yet still able to meet API CI-4 testing requirements in 2002. Now that the company is also offering a coolant product, customers can count on superior performance and protection from both product lines as the industry progresses to new technology engines.
EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) engines require hot exhaust gases to recirculate into the engine air intake to reduce exhaust emissions to acceptable EPA-mandated levels. Because of this new engine design, the coolant is even more critical than before to remove the excess combustion heat out of the engine, prevent the different metals from corroding, and prevent the cooling system from freezing or boiling over.
According to the company, Delo ELC coolant is has important differences:
 Delo ELC uses a patented carboxylate technology and contains no silicate, phosphate, borate or nitrate.
 The long life inhibitors do not deplete, as many other types of coolant are known to do.
 Delo ELC exceeds the requirements for the American Society of Testing and Materials, TMC and all major Diesel Engine Manufacturers.

"We strive to provide real solutions that mean bottom-line value to our customers," said Peter Thomson, Delo and Ursa global brand manager for ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants. "Customer value is of the utmost importance in any product we develop. By adding a selection of coolants to our family of industry-leading, award-winning lubrication products we already market, we are adding quality and value by helping our customers consolidate and minimize their concerns and costs with us."
Delo ELC will be available in both concentrate form and pre-diluted 50:50 for immediate use. It will be sold in bulk, drums and one-gallon jugs. The product already meets CAT EC-1 approval rating and also meets or exceeds ASTM D 3306 and ASTM 4985, as well as several specifications from original equipment manufacturers.

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