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News   June 3, 2002   by Auto Service World

More Powerful Diagnostic Tool Announced

AutoXray, Inc. has announced that the company has released a new and more powerful diagnostic tool designed especially for professional automotive technician.
The new Pro Pack Plus integrates industry-leading functionality into a single kit, while maintaining the ease-of-use for which AutoXray is known. This includes enhanced OBD-II diagnostic capabilities as well as connectivity to your PC and the Internet. Housed within the lightweight EZ-Link Scanner, the Pro Pack Plus’ enhanced OBD-II scanning power provides technicians with an in-depth view of engine activity.
An expanded array of diagnostic data sets are tracked and reported. The scanner also reports on trouble codes in plain English, accesses and displays readiness tests, resets Check Engine Light, as well as providing numerous other diagnostic functions.
Domestic automobiles are covered from 1983 through the present, and Asian and European automobiles are covered from 1996 to the present. The Pro Pack Plus also includes PC-Link. This Windows-based software enables technicians to expand the utility of their EZ Link scanner by interfacing with a PC and the Internet.
With PC-Link, technicians can transfer data from their scanner to their PC in order to better view and understand engine activity through graphs and charts. They can also archive engine data. In addition, PC-Link enables technicians to log onto the Internet in order to gain the very latest manufacturer data set updates and AutoXray model upgrades via World Wide Web.
“The Pro Pack Plus represents a new level of performance for professional technicians,” says William Miller, AutoXray founder and chief executive officer. “It provides the diagnostic reporting and display capabilities they need to perform proper maintenance and repair, and it’s affordable enough for virtually any technician to own personally.”
Pro Pack Plus Scanner functions include:
— A Freeze Frame of data surrounding a trouble code event
— Trouble Codes in plain English
— Clear Trouble Codes and reset Check Engine Light
— Access Oxygen Sensor Tests- display Monitoring Tests
— Show Pending Trouble Codes
— On-demand Capture mode, which records sensor values up to 29 seconds for diagnosing intermittent problems.

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