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News   November 20, 2001   by Auto Service World

Mitchell Enhances On-Line Claims Management

Mitchell International has unveiled a new, significantly enhanced version of its on-line claims management product,
eMitchell, which provides leading functionality for online claims management, is Mitchell’s open Internet workspace and marketplace for all constituents in the collision repair and claims industries. Currently, several top insurance carriers are using eMitchell.
“eMitchell delivers results today,” said Steve Yin, Mitchell’s senior vice president of marketing and product management. “Studies show that insurers using eMitchell for claims management can reduce claim cycle times by three days or more and realize a significant savings in Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE) through greater staff productivity.”
eMitchell also positively impacts customer satisfaction through a more streamlined claims process, which reduces cycle time.
Launched commercially in January, eMitchell provides the online infrastructure, functionality and tools for managing every major function in the claims process. eMitchell enables electronic, real-time transfer of assignments, estimates, images and other data between all parties in the collision repair process.
eMitchell also provides tools for 100% estimate auditing, digital imaging, estimating and MIS reporting.

eMitchell Enhancements Include:

Claims Status Tracking — This tool captures all significant events by date and time throughout a claim’s lifecycle — ranging from assignment to vehicle delivery. This enables reviewers to measure, analyze and better control cycle times and rental costs. It also includes querying capabilities, enabling reviewers to pinpoint and remedy claims outside the normal cycle.

Expanded Assignment and Dispatch Capabilities — Several additions make this application faster and more powerful. A new quick form enables faster entry of assignment information and a supplement request feature allows users to easily and automatically request supplemental information from estimators. Users can also now send attachments with outgoing assignments.

Enhanced MIS Reporting Capabilities — With eMitchell’s tighter MIS reporting integration, claims managers now have faster, easier access to reports, costs, benchmarking and other information important to strategically managing claims. Managers can do quick information lookups or run full reports without ever leaving the manager’s workspace.

Online Procedure Pages (P-page) — eMitchell provides free online access to P-pages from Mitchell’s print and electronic estimating products. The P-pages supply labor operations, which help shops and insurers correctly interpret estimates and resolve disputes. To access the P-pages, users need to have or create an account at Creating an account is free and requires users only to fill out a short, simple form accessed by clicking on “create an account” on’s home page. Once completed, users click on the Industry tab in the upper left-hand corner and then click on the eMitchell Solutions tab. Next click on the Mitchell Procedure Pages link in all caps in the center of the page, which opens the Procedure Pages.

he Mitchell Shop Network — As part of eMitchell’s expansion, Mitchell is launching the Mitchell Shop Network, a soon-to-be available comprehensive database of shops that will help insurers to markedly expand their DRPs with minimal effort. Insurers can expand or create their own network from Mitchell’s database by identifying key criteria such as the size of the facility, equipment type, location and many other variables.

Integration with is seamless due to Mitchell’s firmly established interconnectivity with proprietary data transmission networks such as Ivans and GEIS and its use of open communication (CIECA or Internet XML) standards. The site offers an extremely secure environment, with 128-bit data encryption, SSL and a dual authentication database.

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