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News   November 6, 2013   by Auto Service World

Jiffy-Tite Aftermarket Program For Quick Connect Solutions

Over two-dozen OEM’s globally use Jiffy-tite for fluid flow system solutions. For companies that remanufacture automatic transmissions or are in the heat exchanger replacement business, they can replace a Jiffy-tite with a Jiffy-tite and receive the same personalized support.

Jiffy-tite does not just make connectors and related components, but partners with companies like General Motors, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and Harley Davidson to provide solutions for their fluid flow systems. When fluid flow challenges arise, Jiffy-tite engineers work with OEM teams to understand the situation and present a solution. When replacement connectors are needed in the aftermarket, the transmission or heat exchanger will operate at its highest potential with replacement Jiffy-tite components.

Jiffy-tite fluid connectors are a quality product, and are made in the USA using machinery designed and built in-house to meet exacting standards.  In addition to replacement connectors, Jiffy-tite also offers products like the unique Jiffy-Lok and Jiffy-Seal innovations that save time and improve reliability by eliminating the need for separate hose clamps or joint compound.  With Jiffy-tite engineered quality, customers are guaranteed a superior product.

Jiffy-tite manufactures quick-connect fluid couplers, oil thermostats, compact filters, turbocharger cooling and lubricating couplers as well as fittings for hybrid and electric vehicles. For more information about the Jiffy-tite Aftermarket program visit